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VZW Royal Archery Club De Eendracht Herenthout, p.a. Rode Dries 16, B-2288 Bouwel
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What's new

30/04/2021GP 2021 canceled due to corona crisis
27/04/2020GP 2020 canceled due to corona crisis
21/08/2019Adult results are online
21/08/2019Youth results are online
15/05/2019We still have some work to do with privacy (GDPR) and insurance regulations, therefor the opening of the registration has been postponed to June 1st 2019.
30/04/2019Our website is 2019-ready !
13/08/2018Results are online
08/08/2018Print button added to the team pages…
07/08/2018New page : real-time overview of the mixed-teams…
04/08/2018Thanks to all our sponsors !!
03/08/2018New page : real-time overview of the teams…
28/07/2018Still 14 days to go and already over 100 archers : thank you !!
27/07/2018Column "Payed" added to the inscription list
30/04/2018Our website is 2018-ready !
28/12/2017NEW : What's new !
26/12/2017Major background changes ! The GP adult has completely merged within the website
26/12/2017Overview of medal winners in the adult competition added
26/12/2017Photos 2017 added (juniors and seniors)
23/12/2017Bugfix in the menu